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1946B - Boonie Hat Auburn Tigers

1946B - Boonie Hat Auburn Tigers

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Manta Ray Boonie Hat by Pacific Headwear - 1946B
- 100% polyester 
- Extra breathable vent 
- Wicks moisture 
- Gill vents 
- 3-inch wide brim 
- Drawcord adjustable

Stay protected from the elements with the Manta Ray Boonie Hat from Pacific Headwear. Made from 100% polyester, this hat offers excellent durability and breathability. The extra breathable vent design ensures optimal airflow, keeping you cool even in hot conditions. With built-in moisture-wicking properties, it's perfect for outdoor activities. The hat features gill vents for added ventilation and a wide 3-inch brim for enhanced sun coverage. The drawcord adjustable design allows for a customized fit. Whether you're hiking, fishing, or enjoying other outdoor adventures, the Manta Ray Boonie Hat is a reliable and functional choice.

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